Who Makes Us So Great



Jack has an incredible MMA and Muay Thai background, competing and coaching in both since 2012! He has competed all over Thailand including the famed Lumpinee Stadium against world ranked Kompetchlek Fairtex. Combining both his records in MMA and Muay Thai he holds an incredible record with only 1 loss to his name. He has travelled the world cornering and coaching people through fights and training camps. He is the definition of an incredible team mate!



Phet displays great energy during training, pushing people to their limits. Combining his ability to hold hard solid rounds and his experience of over 200 fights, he makes for the perfect trainer for a fight camp.



Tommy has been fighting since he was 12 years old and hasn't lost a fight since 2015. He is a crucial part of our team, always helping out with techniques and sharing his knowledge. He is also a very experienced conditioning coach and is our go-to guy for strength training!



With 600 fights to his name and the biggest calves in Thailand, Bailey is a valuable asset to the team. Bailey started with us after he returned from his 1 year coaching and training overseas. As a southpaw fighter, Bailey has a good eye for both orthodox and southpaw fighters.



Kru Geng joined our team not long after we opened. He is an experienced trainer who was previously at a well known Phuket Gym. He has great attention to detail and is passionate about his students progression. He focuses on traditional Muay Thai techniques allowing you to build strength in the basics and create a strong foundation. He is always there for support at fight nights and is a very passionate corner man!